Open Dialogue Network Japan (ODNJP) Online Symposium

Psychiatric Survivors' Experiences and the label "Schizophrenia" 

(Hearing Voices? Schizophrenia"? "Tōgō Shitchō Shō"?)


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Saturday April 2, 2022 (Online)

BST 9:00-12:00/CEST 10:00-13:00/JST 17:00-20:00

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In clinical psychiatry we often hear the words such as "auditory hallucinations," "delusions," "schizophrenia," and "schizophrenic". These medical words about symptoms and diagnosis may make it difficult for people to talk about their experiences. What does it mean to listen to the voice of the client in the practice of open dialogue? In this symposium, we welcomed Ms. Olga Runciman and Ms. Ray Waddingham, both survivors of psychiatric treatment who have experienced "hearing voices". From Japan, Mr. Shunsuke Takagi, joint-chairperson of ODNJP, will participate. He was involved in changing the Japanese translation of schizophrenia from "Seishin Bunretstu Byō" (meaning disease of split mind) to “Tōgō Shitchō Shō" (meaning integration disorder). We hope to deepen our understanding of the impact of diagnosis and psychiatric service users’ experiences through dialogue between the three symposiasts and the participants. 


Olga Runciman

Co-founder and chair of the Danish Hearing Voices Network. She currently works as a psychologist but before that she was a qualified nurse. She is trained in Open Dialogue, and provides support to families as well as training based on the Open Dialogue approach. She is co-founder and board member of the International Institute for Psychiatric Withdrawal.


Rai Waddingham 

Chair of the Hearing Voices Network: England. She is trained in Open Dialogue and is an international trainer, in her own right and as part of Dialogue (R)Evolution. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Nottingham Trent University in Survivor Knowledge - the knowledge gained through lived experience.


Shunsuke Takagi

Psychiatrist. Director of the Takagi Clinic and joint-chairperson of the ODNJP. He was involved in changing the Japanese translation of schizophrenia, and invented the Japanese translation "Tōgō Shitchō Shō"(統合失調症). He is a co-translator of Jarkko Seikkula and Tom Erik Arnkil, Dialogical Meetings in Social Networks, 2006, Japanese translation 2016.


Interpreters (English- Japanese): Masako Hayano and Taichi Fukaya

Facilitator: Kohji Ishihara


Please note that this symposium will be recorded for the purpose of documentation. (There is a possibility that the video will be broadcasted at a later date, but in principle, only the interactions of the speakers will be broadcasted. If participants' comments are included in the video, only those with their permission will be shown.)


Organizers: Kohji Ishihara, Shunsuke Takagi, Yoko Matsumoto and Junichi Murakami


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Secretary General

Yasukazu OGAI

Honorary Members

Tom Erik Arnkil, Jaakko Seikkula


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